Connecting sellers!

  • More than 4.800 active partners
  • More than 11,5 million customers
  • Free of cost integration

Connecting sellers!

  • More than 4.800 active partners
  • More than 11,5 million customers
  • Free of cost integration

That's why you should join!

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Get started now

Simply register as a developer, test the OTTO Market partner API's and plan the live launch of your service for OTTO Market partners together with the OTTO Market expert team.

Are you looking for a service provider to connect your systems?

As a merchant on OTTO Market, we offer you the option to work with service providers with whom we currently also cooperate. This option is not mandatory, but is intended to support you in your marketplace activities as needed and help you sell more easily and quickly on


Cooperation with a service provider can be particularly helpful if you need support with the technical connection, with the maintenance and enrichment of your product data, or with the complete processing of your marketplace business.

Ready to go in just a few steps:

1. Register

Register in the OTTO Market Developer Program and receive your access data. After a check by our specialist department, we will activate your access and enable you to test your service in the sandbox.

3. Development & testing

After you have completed registration and we have fully enabled your access, you can test your integration with a sandboxed app. Normally, an app and the user data associated with it would only be generated after you have confirmed a partner's request. In the sandbox, this process can easily be done independently, the user data for the OTTO Market Partner API can be created automatically and the connection with a sandbox partner can be tested.

4. Go Live!

Once you are satisfied with your service, have tested it extensively and would now like to publish it, we ask you to contact us via our mailbox . We will then discuss the launch of your integration directly with you.

Become a OTTO Market Service Provider

Initially, all OTTO Market Developers can connect three partners. If you want to connect more partners, please request the "Unlimited" status in the portal. However, before we give you the go-ahead to connect more partners, we want to make sure that your integration is robust and scalable.


We generally recommend that all OTTO Market Developers run the best practice test cases from the Sandbox section in the API documentation. If you would like to become an OTTO Market Service Provider, please run the test cases and submit screenshots of the results. We are particularly interested in the user perspective here. Another criterion for activation is that the technical performance of your integration is approximately error-free. To this end, we regularly check our monitoring and provide you with feedback, also in person if you wish.


If we can then ensure that your integration is robust and scalable, we will be happy to activate it for the connection of further partners. In addition, we offer you the option of displaying your logo on


How do I explain to my partners how to connect with me?

The introduction of the OTTO Market Developer Program also affects the general way partners interact with the OTTO Market Partner API. As long as the OTTO Market Developer Program is in beta, please contact us so that we can activate your partners to work with you.


After activation, partners will see a list of connected developers / service providers in OTTO Partner Connect and will be able to request a connection (give their consent). After you as a developer / service provider have confirmed this request, an app (connection) will be created.


You can find more information as a developer / service provider as well as a partner in our documentation on OTTO Market API.

Why should I fill out the Developer Self-Disclosure?
In order for us to best assist you, it is important that you provide us with detailed information about your business and service.
As a retailer, where can I find a service provider for technical integration?

You can find all currently connected OTTO Market service providers on

Why can I only connect three partners?
Initially, the number of possible apps (connections) with partners is limited to three. In the OTTO Partner Connect (portal), you can request that the limit be lifted. Please read the conditions for this in the section "Becoming an OTTO Market Service Provider".
What changes with the OTTO Market Developer Program?
With the launch of the OTTO Market Developer Program, the way developers and partners work together is changing. We are replacing the old password credential flow with an OAuth flow. This means that partners no longer share their credentials, but instead give developers permission to exchange data with on their behalf. After confirmation of the consent by the developer, a so-called app (connection) is created, which has its own access data for authentication. Developers can independently retrieve the credentials for each app to perform authentication. A token is still retrieved, which in turn is required for all other operations, as was the case previously.

The OTTO Market Partner API Documentation

Develop and prepare the technical interface to OTTO Market and test the processes in our sandbox. You can find out how to do this in the OTTO Market Partner API documentation. 

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Attention: The OTTO Market Developer Program is currently in beta and we reserve the right to make changes.