Connecting sellers!

  • More than 6.000 active partners
  • More than 11,5 million customers
  • Free of cost integration

Connecting sellers!

  • More than 6.000 active partners
  • More than 11,5 million customers
  • Free of cost integration

Welcome to the OTTO Market Developer Program!

The OTTO Market Developer Program is aimed at external developers who are interested in developing an integration for retailers to seamlessly connect their systems to the OTTO Market interfaces.


We are pleased about your interest in an integration into our platform. Below you will find a detailed process description that explains the steps from registration to successfully marketing your service on

Ready to go in just a few steps:

1. Register and accept terms of use

In order to gain temporary access to the Sandbox, you must first register and agree to the Terms and Conditions. All we need is your contact and company details. Once you have assigned a password, you are ready to go.

2. Getting to know the interface and estimating your development

Our aim is to make your start as easy as possible. Therefore, you will receive a 30-day trial period for the sandbox environment even without registration. Get to know the environment and estimate the effort required for integration. For this purpose, we provide extensive documentation, examples and help. If you decide to integrate, complete the registration by filling out the self-disclosure form at the end of the 30-day trial period.


You want to start integrating before the trial period ends?

Then contact us at and we will send you all further information.

3. Develop and test in the sandbox

Once registration is complete, you can start developing the required functionalities. Depending on the scope of your service, we will arrange a kick-off meeting with you to discuss the go-live plan and support you personally in clarifying any questions you may have. During development, you will have unlimited access to our sandbox environment to test all necessary processes.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

4. Apply to go live

If you are satisfied with the development and testing, you can request to go live. Simply click on the Go-Live Request in the Developer Portal and you will receive all further information about the process from us. At this point, you will be required to fill out our data security check and provide us with more detailed information on how data security is handled in your company and service. Upon successful review and approval, you will initially gain private access to the live environment.

5. Test with pilot partners and apply for public access

Private Access allows you to create a Private OTTO Market App and connect to a pilot partner to test whether your integration works properly. After a successful pilot phase, you can connect additional partners. Private Access is initially limited to three partners. Contact us if you would like to expand your access and connect more partners in Private Access.


If you wish to connect an unlimited number of partners and market your developed service publicly, apply for Public Access and we will inform you about all further steps. Please note that Public Access requires our team to review your solution.

6. Grow together and be marketed as a service provider on

We believe in growing and developing together. Therefore, we are always interested in improving interfaces and optimising existing connections.

Of course, we would also like to present this connection publicly and promote you as a service provider on Our team is always available to support you during the integration and further development of your solution and to guide you through the necessary steps up to promotion.


We are convinced that your integration will create added value for our platform and our partners. We look forward to a good cooperation and a successful partnership!

Our requirements for a registration

You have a VAT ID

You have a aompany website

You have planned to at least connect one of our APIs

That's why you should join!

Are you a seller looking for a suitable service provider?

Cooperation with a service provider can be particularly helpful if you need support with the technical connection, with the maintenance and enrichment of your product data, or with the complete processing of your marketplace business.

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Get started now

Simply register as a developer, test the OTTO Market partner API's and plan the live launch of your service for OTTO Market partners together with the OTTO Market expert team.